Study in USA with $40,000 Iowa State University Merit Scholarship 2024

Do you want to study in the United States of America as an outstanding international student? The International Merit Scholarship will help you realize your dream of attending Iowa State University (ISU), which may be the ideal fit for you.


This scholarship provides financial assistance for eligible students worldwide, enabling them to concentrate on their studies and meet their academic objectives.

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What is the Iowa State University International Merit Scholarship?

This scholarship, which offers support for up to $40,000 over four years, is a great opportunity for international students who are accepted to ISU but are not receiving financial sponsorship from their country’s government. It will significantly reduce your college expenses.

Why Choose Iowa State University?

Internationally recognized for its superiority in science, technology, innovation, and discovery, ISU is a university of great standing.

The world’s first electronic digital computer, tornado simulator, and high-resolution virtual reality lab were all operated there!

Imagine yourself as a student in an amazing learning environment with state-of-the-art resources.


Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

International Student: Only students from countries other than the United States are eligible for this acceptance.

Academic Achievement: You must have excelled academically throughout high school.
Ability and Accomplishments: ISU respects people who are diverse. Are you good in science and math?

Are you an accomplished musician or artist? Have you shown leadership or inventiveness in extracurricular pursuits or volunteer work? Let them know what makes you unique!

Admission Offer: As an undergraduate student, you must already have been accepted to ISU.

No Government Sponsorship: If you get financial assistance from the government of your native country, you are not eligible for the scholarship.

How to Maintaining the Scholarship

You must maintain a strong academic standing and earn a minimum GPA of 2.5 in order to keep your scholarship during your time at ISU.

In addition, you must consistently enroll in 12 semester credits or more each semester (not including summer sessions).

Only students who are categorized as non-residents for tuition purposes are eligible for this scholarship, and the award is limited to paying for undergraduate tuition and fees.

How Long Does the Scholarship Last?

Amount of the Spring and Fall International Merit Scholarship

Award of Merit A maximum of $40,000 ($5,000–$10,000/year)

Order of Honor Maximum $16,000 ($2,000–$4,000 per year)

If you receive the scholarship as a first-year student, your tuition will be paid for up to eight semesters, or until your undergraduate degree is finished, whichever comes first.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply?

Completed Application Form: Make sure you accurately and thoroughly fill out the application.
Academic Transcripts: Please submit your high school’s official transcripts.

Two recommendation letters: Get two well-known instructors, mentors, or advisers to write letters highlighting your qualities and potential.

How to Apply

Complete the University of Iowa OneApp: This is ISU’s primary application process.
Finish Two Programs Within OneApp: You have to finish two different programs in the OneApp system:
OneApp’s general application: The Application for the International Student Admission Scholarship
Matching Your Applications: To enable linking between your apps, make sure to utilize the same name in full on each one.


November 1, 2024 is the deadline for applications to the International Iowa State University Merit Scholarship 2024

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