Is Nationwide Car Insurance Good?

Is Nationwide Car Insurance Good

Nationwide has the lowest sample costs for drivers with bad credit, with annual rates 48% less than the national average; low rates are also available to USAA members in this driver category; Geico and Progressive also have competitive sample costs for drivers with bad credit. In addition to your mode of driving and past insurance … Read more

Best Cheap Low Mileage Car Insurance

Best Cheap Low Mileage Car Insurance

The following are the lowest average annual rates for low mileage drivers ought to find: According to a study on auto insurance, USAA provides low mileage drivers—that is, those who travel 6,000 miles or less annually with the lowest average annual premiums.  The national average cost is $1,973, whereas USAA’s sample rate is $1,247.5. Since … Read more

8 Best Loan Apps In Nigeria

Best Loan Apps in Nigeria

In the past few years, Nigeria has faced a rapid inflation, increased cost of feeding, increased cost of living and a lot of Nigerians need financial assistance. Many loan Platforms have also been created, most of which are scams, but in this article, we have a list of the best loan apps in Nigeria. We … Read more

Lcredit Loan App Review (Scam Or Legit)

Lcredit Loan App Review

LCredit loan that is a Nigeria-based app that grants loans to interested Nigerians it is an app that has helped many Nigerians with funds for various purposes including startup funds for businesses travel loans mortgage loans and many more. This article will give you an honest and detailed Lcredit loan app review Lcredit loan app … Read more

QuickCheck Loan App Review Scam or legit

QuickCheck Loan App Review

QickCheck is a loan platform that provides loans for Nigerians who are interested. QuickCheck loans have been around for a while now and in this article, we will give an honest QuickCheck loan app review. Just like all other loan apps, QuickCheck carries out its transactions online, No collateral is needed, no paperwork just your … Read more