QuickCheck Loan App Review

QuickCheck Loan App Review Scam or legit

QickCheck is a loan platform that provides loans for Nigerians who are interested. QuickCheck loans have been around for a while now and in this article, we will give an honest QuickCheck loan app review.


Just like all other loan apps, QuickCheck carries out its transactions online, No collateral is needed, no paperwork just your BVN number is required and your loan will be available to you in minutes.

QuickCheck loan app review in detail

We have an article on the best loan apps in Nigeria and QuickCheck loan is one of them, Click here to see the list of the best loan apps in Nigeria.


How much loan can I get from QuickCheck?

QuickCheck can give you a loan from a range of N3000 to N200,000 depending on your status and the data you have provided.

When can I repay a QuickCheck loan?

Many loan apps in Nigeria have a short repayment time while QuickCheck has the longest and the best repayment time or period. QuickCheck gives a maximum of 60 days to repay your loan while other loan apps in Nigeria give a maximum of 25 to 30 days.

What happens if I don’t repay the QuickCheck loan

I will always advise people not to apply for loans if they know they cannot repay. If you don’t pay back your QuickCheck loan, You will be blacklisted from getting any further along and this will reflect on your credit score Also you will likely not be able to get a loan from other loan apps.

Where can I get the QuickCheck loan app?

The QuickCheck app can be accessed at the iPhone Apple Store or Google Play Store, when you see it, install the app and register. Watch a video tutorial on how to register.

Is QuickCheck scam or legit

QuickCheck is an authentic and legit loan app, Just be sure to follow their rules and pay back when you are required to.


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