Lcredit Loan App Review

Lcredit Loan App Review (Scam Or Legit)

LCredit loan that is a Nigeria-based app that grants loans to interested Nigerians it is an app that has helped many Nigerians with funds for various purposes including startup funds for businesses travel loans mortgage loans and many more. This article will give you an honest and detailed Lcredit loan app review


Lcredit loan app review

Lcredit loan app is an online platform that offers loans from N1000 to N50,000. There are a few simple steps on how to use the app and you can access it with your mobile phone.

You should keep in mind that the amount you are eligible to receive depend solely on your credit score. Don’t know your credit score? No worries, the app will calculate and evaluate that for you once you provide your phone number


Types of Lcredit loans

These are the various types of Lcredit loans available in the Lcredit loan app

  1. Car loans
  2. Personal loans
  3. Medical loans
  4. Mortgage loans
  5. Mini money loans
  6. Travel loans
  7. Loans on two wheels
  8. Mobile phone loans
  9. Sustainable consumer loans
  10. Loans against guarantee
  11. Lcredit card loan.

How to download the Lcredit loan app

The Lcredit loan app is available for both android and iOS mobile phone, follow the steps below to download the app.

  1. Go to your Google play app or App Store
  2. In the search bar search for Lcredit loan
  3. Click on the download or install button
  4. Wait for the app to download or install
  5. Once the installation is done, open the Lcredit loan app and register

How to apply for Lcredit Loan

Here are a few simple steps on how to apply for a loan on Lcredit loan app follow them and get a loan in minutes.

  1. Click on the register or sign up button in the app
  2. Fill out your name and all the required information into the required boxes and submit
  3. Click on apply for a loan then followed the on-screen prompt displayed.
  4. Wait for the app to calculate your credit score and eligibility, the money will be deposited into your provider Bank account in minutes.

What is Lcredit loan interest rates

Lcredit loan interest rates depend on your credit score and the data you have provided however the general interest rate ranges from 5% to 30% every month.

How to know if you are eligible for Lcredit loan

In order to be eligible for a loan you have to fulfill certain requirements.

  1. You must have a stable source of income
  2. You must be a citizen of Nigeria
  3. You must be above 20 years and below 60 years

Is the Lcredit loan app scam or legit?

The Lcredit loan app is an authentic and legit platform. as long as you follow the rules and pay back your loan at the agreed time you will have a wonderful experience. They also have an affiliate program available, you can earn money by referring them to other customers, get more information about their referral program here.

What if I don’t pay you back

Lcredit loan App penalizes individuals that don’t pay back their loan. However, your interest rates for your acquired loan will continue to add up and Lcredit will make sure your payback, they will also blacklist you from getting any for the loans from them or any associated apps.



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