Is Nationwide Car Insurance Good?

Nationwide has the lowest sample costs for drivers with bad credit, with annual rates 48% less than the national average; low rates are also available to USAA members in this driver category; Geico and Progressive also have competitive sample costs for drivers with bad credit.

In addition to your mode of driving and past insurance claims, your credit-based insurance score might also have an impact on the cost of your auto insurance. The Insurance Information Institute claims that this score, which is based on variables like credit history, payment history, and outstanding debt, may forecast an individual’s likelihood of filing an insurance claim.


Please take note that in Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, Michigan, Maryland, Oregon, and Utah, this technique is either prohibited or restricted. Washington similarly put into force a three-year-term restriction in March 2022.)

Is Nationwide Car Insurance Good?

With three other companies having lower average annual rates than Nationwide, it ranks third overall in the ranking of the best auto insurance in the US. In terms of client loyalty and customer service, it ranks third in this study.

The scores we gave were based in part on a survey that surveyed over 4,200 customers how satisfied they were with their auto insurance companies. Discounts tie at No. 7 for Nationwide.


Nationwide Car Insurance Review

In the list of the top auto insurance providers, Nationwide comes in at number three overall. Regarding client loyalty, claims management, and customer service, it ranks in the upper half of our rankings.

The total average premium for Nationwide is $1,621 annually, which is significantly less than the $2,068 national average rate and ranks fourth among the carriers we examined.

Nationwide for Senior Drivers

In terms of senior drivers’ best auto insurance, Nationwide is ranked No. 10. However, its prices are reasonable given this age range. The sample rate for a married 60-year-old woman at Nationwide is $1,321 annually, which is the third-lowest of the providers we looked at.

For men in this age range, it has the fourth-cheapest annual rate at $1,423 per year. People over 55 who responded in the poll were included in the list of the top senior auto insurance providers.

  • Rates for Female Senior Drivers


  • Nationwide Rate for 60-Year-Old Females


  • National Average for 60-Year-Old Females

Rates for Male Senior Drivers


  • Nationwide Rate for 60-Year-Old Males


Nationwide Rates for Adult Drivers

Our data shows that the sample premiums from Nationwide for married 35-year-old drivers are, on average, around $400 lower annually than the national average rates for this age group.
For 35-year-old male and female drivers, USAA offers the lowest average annual rates, while Allstate has the highest.

Rates for Female Adult Drivers
Nationwide Rate for 35-Year-Old Females
National Average for 35-Year-Old Females
Rates for Male Adult Drivers
Nationwide Rate for 35-Year-Old Males
$1,976 National Average for 35-Year-Old Males

Rates across the Country for Teen Drivers

The average annual rates for male and female teen drivers across the country are around $1,000 less than the national averages for this age group.

In this area, Erie has the lowest average annual rates, while Farmers has the highest average. Insurance for teenage drivers is usually more expensive than for other age groups.

Rates for Teenage Girls Who Drive

  • $5,297

Rate Across the Country for Females Ages 17

  • $6,410

The national average for girls aged 17

Prices for Teenage Male Drivers

  • $6,358

National Rate for Males Ages 17

  • $7,377

The national average for males aged 17

Nationwide Customer Service

After USAA (ranked first) and Auto-Owners (ranked second), Nationwide is ranked third for customer service. Respondents to our study from across the country, comprising about 61% of the population, expressed perfect satisfaction with the ease of contacting the company’s customer care.

For policyholders who indicated they were entirely satisfied with the service they received, the number decreased slightly to 58%.

Nationwide Claims Handling

For claims management, Nationwide and State Farm were tied for fourth place. A full 59% of those surveyed indicated they were happy with how simple it was to file a claim.

The same proportion of respondents indicated they were entirely happy with the way their claim was handled.

The top of our claims handling classification is USAA, which is exclusively accessible to active and retired military personnel and their families. Auto-Owners comes in second, and American Family comes in third.

Nationwide Customer Loyalty

Nearly 44% of nationwide policyholders who responded to the study indicated they are very likely to recommend the company to someone shopping for auto insurance, and over 58% of them stated they are very likely to renew their policy.

Based on our rating of customer loyalty, Nationwide is ranked third. First place goes to Auto-Owners, then USAA at No. 2.

Nationwide Discounts

When it comes to discounts, Nationwide and Progressive are tied for seventh place. USAA ranks first. Approximately 27% of Nationwide subscribers who replied to the poll expressed total satisfaction with the insurance discounts provided by Nationwide.

What Is The Cost Of Nationwide Auto Insurance

Out of all the auto insurance companies we looked at, Nationwide has the fourth-cheapest sample rate.

With an average premium of $1,621, it is slightly less than the national average by a few hundred dollars annually.

In every driver category we looked into, Nationwide’s rates are less expensive than the national averages. For drivers with a history of speeding tickets or accidents, it offers the fourth-cheapest rates.

Nationwide Rates After a Speeding Ticket

The average annual rate for drivers nationwide following a speeding ticket is nearly $500 lower than the national average for this category.

On average, USAA members pay the lowest rates. Among the providers we looked at for drivers with a speeding citation, Farmers has the highest sample premiums.

Rates After One Speeding Ticket

Nationwide Rate After One Speeding Ticket


National Average After One Speeding Ticket

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