7 Scholarship Opportunities with Visa Sponsorship for International Students to Explore in 2024

The seven scholarships with possible visa sponsorship opportunities that are available to overseas students starting in 2024 are listed below. Thankfully there are many benefits to studying in the United States, some international students may find the cost of tuition to be costly.
The good news is that there are lots of scholarships available to apply for since agencies and universities recognize the significant influence that international students have and wish to support their efforts.


The seven scholarships with possible visa sponsorship opportunities that are available to overseas students starting in 2024 are listed below.

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7 Scholarship Opportunities with Visa Sponsorship for International Students to Explore in 2024

Fulbright Foreign Student Programs

Eligible for: International graduate students enrolling in the United States from many different kinds of countries (including countries such as Brazil, Nigeria, India, South Korea, etc.)
Application period: Opens in April and closes in September, though exact dates vary on the program.

Under this program, international graduate students can get financial support to study and carry out research in the United States. These initiatives are typically supported by American embassies, and requirements and applications differ depending on the nation.

To learn more about the available scholarships, select the country you live in from the drop-down option at the top of their page. Usually, 4000 international students are chosen annually.

ACI Foundation Scholarship 2024

The ACI Foundation welcomes applications from students from other countries and offers a range of scholarship and fellowship opportunities.


On the website, you can select the programs you wish to apply for depending on your eligibility. You will notice that there is only one application for each program.
Scholarships that they offer often come with a $5000 educational stipend, but fellowship programs offer stipends ranging from $10,000 to $15,000.

They also provide access to conferences with other program participants and help in finding mentors.

All international graduate and undergraduate students are eligible.

Application duration: The date for the deadline varies according to the program, but the website suggests applications to be submitted as soon as possible after it begins on July 1st, 2024.
The following coverage period would be between the spring and fall of 2025, thus you have to be a student through then.

AAUW International Fellowship Program 2024

Women enrolled in graduate or post-doctoral schools who want to return home upon graduation are eligible.

The application period is from August 1, 2024, to November 15, 2024 (for the academic year 2025–2026).

Women who have earned a bachelor’s degree in the United States and intend to enroll in graduate school are eligible for this fellowship.

Depending on your program, it gives awards ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 for living and educational expenses.

World Bank Scholarships program

International students who wish to contribute to the social and economic development of their home countries can do so by applying for this scholarship, which is supported by the World Bank and Japan.

Tuition, a living allowance, round-trip flights, and travel expenses are all included in this program.

Check the link on their website to check the extensive list of eligible candidates. You must be enrolled in a program connected to development, such as infrastructure management, tax policy, or economic policy management.

A program at any of the following universities will accept graduate students from a list of developing nations, including Nigeria.

The application process typically runs from mid-January to mid-May, however, there are two enrollment periods depending on your school.

Science Ambassador Scholarship

Women in fields related to science and technology who are enrolled in college or intend to enroll in college in the US or one of its territories are eligible.

Application deadline: December 13 is the deadline for applications for the 2025 year; winners will be revealed in April.

Card Against Humanity is funding this full-tuition fellowship to support women in STEM professions. Every year, a sizable panel of judges selects the winner.
The winner’s undergraduate program will be completed, or tuition will be covered for a maximum of four years.

You must upload a three-minute video clip demonstrating a STEM-related passion idea to apply. Complete guidelines are available at the official website

MPower International Student Scholarship

Eligible for Foreign students with legal permission to study in the United States or Canada who are enrolled full-time in a degree program supported by Mpower.

The deadline for applications varies according on the scholarship that is chosen.

The qualifications and grant levels for the scholarships are different on the Mpower website; check your eligibility first, then choose the award that best fits your needs.

P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship

Established in 1949, this fund offers up to $12,500 in scholarship aid to individuals who require extra money for their degree programs and other anticipated costs.

It sees education as a tool for enhancing international peace and understanding.

Eligible for Selected international women beginning graduate studies in the US and Canada. Candidates must be enrolled for the whole academic year, have one full year of study left, and reside in the area.

Application period: Between September 15 and December 15, applicants must complete the scholarship’s eligibility forms.

Looking for Alternatives?

You should not be concerned if you are unable to take advantage of any of the options listed above. The most well-liked scholarships available to foreign students in the United States will come directly from your school.

You can contact your school’s financial aid office to see what offerings you’ll be eligible for.

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